A Solid Foundation: Anything that is built to last must start with a reliable foundation. We never weld, nor stitch damaged blocks or cylinder heads and we never use a welded camshaft or crankshaft. Defective components are always replaced.

Quality Out Needs Quality In: If your goal is to produce an industry leading product then you must incorporate industry leading components into your build. Only products supplied by the industry’s best manufacturers are used in a Direct PowerTrain assembly. Names you can trust to deliver consistent  top quality components like Melling, Mahle, Clevite, Victor Reinz, NPR, Sealed Power, Felpro, Ford, G.M. and Chrysler/Mopar.

Test and Test Again: Every cylinder head is pressure tested on our NewClear Pressure Test machine, which utilizes both air and hot fluids, prior to our assembly process. We then test run every completed engine assembly on our SIM Engine Tester which checks oil pressure, tolerances, compression, valve adjustments and when applicable phaser sequencing.

Attention to Detail: Is a requirement quality demands. Our products are assembled in build stations, one product at a time, and not on an assembly line. This process allows us to better monitor the build process and ensure quality is maintained from start to finish.

Look to Improve: We strive to produce the best re-manufactured power train products period. Built to deliver reliable service that meets or exceeds the OEM product it is replacing. Where possible we will add subtle improvements like hardened steel exhaust valve seals as a standard feature on our Ford Powerstroke diesel engine assemblies. We also machine our Ford 5.4 cylinder head cam cradles back to factory specifications and then install New Ford original sized OEM camshafts, new Ford OEM phasers, new phaser solenoids and a new high volume oil pump.